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The reason of difficulty of diesel engine is started
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:start

In the battery powergenerator 1200kva price supply, fuel tank with oil, and start the motor, if the diesel engine start difficult or cannot start, should focus on checking the following parts:

1.Oil system, fuel oil system: carefully check whether there is a leak phenomenon, the joint hose if there is a right Angle phenomenon, fuel filter is dirt or jam.

2, valve clearance: if the valve clearance is not correct, will lead to a difficult start.

3, fuel injection pump, check the fuel injection pump oil amount is correct, plunger/delivery valve whether serious wear and tear, fuel control whether toothed bar card, etc.

4, injector: check whether the nozzle atomization, drip or jammed.

5, cylinder compression pressure, cylinder compression pressure is low, show that piston ring and cylinder liner wear and tear.

6, fuel injection advance Angle.Fuel injection advance Angle is not correct, can also lead to diesel engine start difficult or can't start.

7, If air filter,air filter smudgy, and blockage of the air inlet pipe, would result in a diesel engine start difficult or cannot start.

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