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Introduction to diesel generator set oil filter method
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:precipitation

Sometimesgenerator price we buy oil for diesel generating set is not "clean", continue to use, if not eliminate impurities is likely to cause the fuel system parts wear and tear, so at this point to purification of diesel. If you want to achieve purification of diesel, shall comply with the following three steps.

1. The diesel oil deposit in advance. After 96 hours of precipitation commonly, can remove particles of 0.005 mm. Precipitation, the longer the cannot be cleaner to remove the tiny impurity removal effect more apparent.

2. After precipitation of diesel don't shaking while in use. Sucker drawer or hose can't be inserted to the bottom of the barrel, directly from the bottom left at least 80-100 - mm distance. Can't use the method of tilt cans to pour the oil gas. As for diesel oil drum under 80-100 - mm, can put them together, after precipitation reoccupy after filtering.

3. During fuel filter. Refueling must filter, it is to prevent the mechanical impurities into the last barrier of diesel engine, the gas by the drawer or gravity method, it is best to muslin, or other filter filtration materials.

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