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Diesel generator set weaver board measurement and control
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Parallel operationsilent diesel generator of the unit in the process of belt carrying the, the power of each unit power output line sampling unit will be real-time voltage, current, active power and power factor into the central controller and automatic load allocation unit. The information after analysis and computation, instant active power and reactive power, and the central controller with other units and the related data of automatic load allocation unit after comparing the difference of amount, together to give their own automatic synchronizing unit. Nuclear unit quantity of these differences into diesel engine speed control and equivalent of synchronous generator excitation current signals, thus enabled the operation parameters of diesel generator set to the corresponding change, achieve the parallel operation unit for the purpose of the active power and reactive power average distribution.

Weaver board of control logic and cabinets are essentially the same. Just because it is the core of high performance microprocessor, so the data computing accuracy is higher, adjust the speed faster. Weaver board monitoring parallel operation of diesel generating set's main goal is still the active power and reactive power in evenly between each unit. And determine which of the two key parameters is the speed of the diesel engine and the synchronous generator excitation current. For this, weaver board of data analysis, operation, and control logic is mainly to solve the engine speed adjustment of the machine and adjust the volume of changes to the synchronous generator excitation current.

Cut, in fact, each unit into the parallel running moment, meet people, especially in the process of load operation and evacuation, the related parameters of the unit may not always consistent. It's completely on powerful microprocessor instruction weaver BanShi when weaver data of measurement and control of each unit of product in the parallel operation under the condition of steady work. The process of unit parallel operation is also the designer threatening the weaver parameters real-time dynamic measurement and control process.

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