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Gas generator maintenance content
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:filter

1, complete the routine maintenance

generatorof the corresponding projects.

2, check and adjust the cylinder valve clearance.

3, check the air filter clean or replace filter. (regular inspection may determine the visual cycle. If the unit operating environment is clean, may be extended appropriately. If unit operation environment wind is bigger, 5) should be cleaned clean, 500 hours, check the spark plug, remove carbon deposition and adjusted according to the regulation of electrode spacing. (spark plug cylinder temperature and maintenance cycle

4, check and replace oil filter paper filter. Test cycle consists of clean oil, it is characterized by oil pressure differential between the filters and filter press. Replacement cycle is 250 h, mandatory replacement time is 500 hours.

5, check the centrifugal filter without abnormal wear metal particles and thorough cleaning.

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