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Collector ring and brush of diesel generator set maintenance
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1. Maintenance of collector ring.

(1) generator generatorto run after a period of time, or in the routine maintenance, must inspect the collector ring, if a patina and burning marks on the surface, application of zero grinding emery cloth. When grinding, the emery cloth in diameter corresponds to the collector ring arc on the shingle, remove verdigris and burning mark, keep the surface of the collector ring is bright and clean, and is cylindrical.

(2) if the collector ring severe burns or deformation, should be light. First open the fixation ring, cleaning for car light again after treatment.

(3) swap once every six months, the collector ring wear uniform.

2. Brush maintenance.

(1) the brush is easy damaged parts, often should check to clear the dust on the brush, the brush in good working condition.

(2) brush replacement. When the brush wear too much, should replace the new brush, change must pay attention to the following three points:

A. The specifications of the new brush must be the same as the original brush.

B. in the same level of sexual brush pole brush should change together, to keep the brush contact with the collector ring.

C. change must be carried out after the new brush grinding, make its contact with the surface of the collector ring is good, again under light load (a third of the rated load - 1/4), make the contact surface is smooth, after normal use.

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