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Diesel generating sets of settlement matters
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:power

1. The grid can provide two generatorindependent power of the high-rise building, according to the specification has meet the requirements of a, the secondary load, in principle is not set diesel generating set. But especially important for high-rise buildings, such as tall building), which contains special important load, should consider a power system maintenance or failure, another power system and the serious situation of breakdown, the general should be set diesel generators for emergency power supply.

2. Can only provide power supply, all the way for the local power grid or second power have difficulties or not economic and reasonable high-rise buildings, should be set diesel generating sets to provide a second power supply. At this point, the diesel generating set is used as a backup power, is not just a case of emergency.

3. According to our country traveling hotel star standard, four-star and five-star hotel should set self-provided power generation systems. The above is to set up the basic principle of diesel generator set. Be worth what carry is, in some tall buildings at home and abroad, even if the enterprise power supply reliable, can meet the specification requirements, but also set the self-provided emergency generator, so that when the interruption of power supply enterprise one thousand, on the one hand can guarantee power failure during fire electricity needs, but also can make the building to maintain the basic order.

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