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Generating set causes of carbon deposition
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At present, the diesel generator set carbon most users have never heard of this word, also don't know how this works. For technical personnel must know diesel generating sets, the concept of carbon deposition and the reasons of this phenomenon, and will handle and solve the problem.

Diesel generator carbon deposition is actually the diesel fuel and oil into the combustion chamber of the product of incomplete combustion in diesel engines produced around the top of the piston, valve and combustion chamber wall carbon deposit is a common phenomenon. Large amounts of carbon deposit on the performance of the diesel generating set is by some influence, its ultimate performance: the worsen poor combustion, heat transfer and reduce the reliability of the fuel injector.

Diesel generating sets the causes of formation are many, many, concluded that generator causes of carbon deposition are:

1, the operation of the injector, such as poor atomization, drip, too high or too low injection pressure and injection time too early or too late, the fuel injection quantity is too much, will make some fuel incomplete combustion.

2, oil is serious.

3, severe air leakage.

4, cooling water temperature is too low, affect the normal combustion of the fuel.

5, diesel oil and engine oil brand, quality is poor, the formation of carbon residue after burning.

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