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Fuel injection equipment check
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:cylinder

Fuel injection equipment generatordue to the high temperature and high pressure for a long time, it is easy to lead to seal is not strict, drip and atomization. These errors can lead to cigarette smoke of diesel engine, the power shortage, combustion system there are abnormal noise and combustion cylinder hole deformation, the piston at the top and other serious problems. However, the problem of how to identify the fault is due to the fuel injector is the key to the problem.

According to the practical work experience for many years, we have obtained the quality problem of the basic ways of fuel injector:

1, the first direct observation of diesel engine smoke, if the existence of the injector, diesel exhaust should start white smoke, full load operation with black smoke and the subsequent problems, such as lack of power.

2, single cylinder extinguishing method: diesel engine at low speed operation, then gradually cylinder of high pressure oil pipe. Relax when a cylinder of high pressure pipeline, diesel engine exhaust have significant changes, then the fuel injector or plunger, delivery valve and cylinder. observation methodRemove exhaust pipe, began to low-speed diesel engine operation, can be directly see a cylinder exhaust smoke is not normal, can preliminary judgment or fuel injector cylinder piston valve.

4, after confirm cylinder injector or plunger/oil valve problems, you can delete the cylinder nozzle, fuel injector testers to confirm if there is a problem of fuel injector.

5, if the test confirmed that there is something wrong with the syringe, it is necessary to require repair or replacement syringes (mouth).

6, if there is no fuel injector tester, near the scene as a temporary measure, check of diesel engine fuel injector is a problem. The specific method is: will smoke, instead of two cylinder ejector exchange, starting diesel engine exhaust of observation, if change after use, the original no smoke oil cylinder smoke up, and fuel injector. If two cylinder smoke increase, which indicates that the cylinder (the original black smoke) piston/delivery valve also may have a problem. ,

7, there is no problem if the test to confirm a syringe, need further check the fuel injection pump.

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