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Weichai engine crankshaft oil passage
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The car enginegenerator 900kw using pressure circulation lubrication. Combined with the splash lubrication way of integrated lubrication. In the engine lubrication system, oil pump in the oil sump oil pressure. After filter oil filter, oil into the engine lubricating oil way. The oil from the main oil passage assigned to each oil. Flow to the crankshaft bearings, the camshaft bearings and parts such as hydraulic valve tappet. Are there on the crankshaft bearing oil hole or groove. Oil can be transported to the crankshaft in the drilling of oil through the oil orifice flow into the connecting rod bearing.

Oil from each big again after oil inside the oil lubrication big watts way to small, the camshaft and the oil from big to CAM watts. Crankshaft will because of the oil is not clean and shaft neck stress caused by uneven wear big end and shaft neck interface, if the oil particles of larger solid impurities, there is also a scratch on the surface of the journal. If serious wear and tear, and is likely to influence the piston moves up and down stroke length, reduce the combustion efficiency, naturally, small power output. Crankshaft also may be due to insufficient lubrication or the oil is too thin, cause burns on the surface of the journal, severe cases can affect the reciprocating movement of the piston. So be sure to use proper viscosity lubricating oil, and to ensure the purity of the oil.

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