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Weifang diesel generator oil pump to cold and hot oil pump
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:pump

1, using the temperaturegenerator 1mw below 200 degrees Celsius for cold oil pump, more than 200 degrees Celsius for hot oil pump.

2, before starting the hot oil pump need preheating, cold and with cold oil pump, oil pump is unnecessary.

3, the general hot oil pump sealing mechanism are note oil seal, with cold oil pump is not note.

4, the vertical sectional hot oil pump on pump body, while the cold oil pump pump body adopts the level in the open. Some hot oil pump have to prevent the center line of the pump body moving structure.

5, hot oil pump mouth ring gap is bigger. Cold oil pump is smaller.

6, hot oil pump material use carbon steel, alloy steel, and cold oil pump can use cast iron.

7, hot oil pump bearing, bearing box, packing box of the mechanical seal all need water cooling, and cold oil pump can not used.

8, hot oil pump models generally expressed in the letter R, cold oil pump with the letter J table.

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