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How to identify the degree of wear and tear of the diesel engine's three couple
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The three modules for diesel enginegenerator fuel system in the degree of wear and tear, starting, power and fuel economy of diesel engine has a great influence. Especially the single cylinder diesel engine performance is more apparent.

Here's how to identify the degree of wear and tear on the single cylinder diesel engine.

1. The wear degree of nozzle check

To be removed, the nozzle assembly in high pressure tubing, closed to mount machine-cleaned pulled to the nozzle spray oil, if oil clear and crisp, oil injection beam and atomization is normal, that nozzle is good, can continue to use.

2. The oil valve matching parts wear degree examination

High-pressure tubing according to the above method in the oil level of 1-2 mm below the nozzle, and then slowly turn the handwheel, make high pressure tubing oil level fluctuation, while the plunger in the sleeve in oil supply effective stroke, immediately shut down. To reverse the flywheel, if keeping the oil level of nozzle, delivery valve sealing good, may continue to use. On the other hand, the oil level drops, the sealing oil leakage, need to change.

3. The plunger matching parts wear degree of inspection

Under the conditions of downtime, first loosen the high pressure oil pipe from the high pressure oil pump, removed from the nozzle, and nozzle rotating the nozzle end up, tighten nut oil pump end. Up on the gas, make the plunger oil supply position in a large, machine-cleaned pulled to the oil pipe shot to stop. Then slowly turn the handwheel, make the oil level of high pressure oil pipe mouth just swings, stop running immediately. Blow with the mouth to mouth diesel. The oil level 1-2 mm below the nozzle. Again and turn both the flywheel, start from static crankshaft, not fast, when the plunger can continue to pressure oil, oil overflow pipe, plunger matching parts good seal, can continue to use. Such as must be hand quickly engine crankshaft, or quick turn the handwheel to the next cycle of oil spill, explain the plunger vice couple has serious wear and tear, should not continue to use, should be replaced immediately.

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